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Hard at work creating


Contractor Services
in Oklahoma City


+1 (405) 570-1300

General Contracting,

Small Jobs

Handyman Services,

Custom Makers,

Fire and Water

Remediation & Restorations.


Downtown, Midtown, Uptown, Plaza, Heritage Hills, Nichols Hills, surrounding areas.

Mending Homes in Oklahoma City

offers residential and commercial property repairs, renovations, maintenance, custom builds, upgrades, installations, and assistance.


Water removal, drying,

and dehumidification services for

properties damaged

by fire, leaks, flooding,

and severe storms.

Retrofitting for ADA compliance.

Custom modifications, showers, guards, handrails, ramps.


Home Inspection Services

by Peer Inspections in Oklahoma City,

OCIB License 70002576.

Thorough, unbiased, visual only

property investigations available statewide.

Call or email for appointment availability.

*Due to conflict of interest, we will not aid in the repair of discoveries for 1 year.

We simply change light bulbs, fix drips, assemble fitness equipment,

build-up flat pack furniture,

install new modern hardware

in antique doors, and much more.

Working on, in, and under historical homes, modern townhouses, condominiums, offices and warehouses, our Artisans and Craftsmen create beautiful, functional objects and spaces, to your exacting requirements.

We are a Covid-19 safe workplace.

Connecting the dots

Over time people have asked if we'd help with personal shopping needs for themselves,

a friend, or for projects and hobbies they enjoy.

We feel honored to provide this service.


If this is something you'd be interested in we'd encourage you to make time to sit with us and discuss it.

Everything begins with a conversation.

Mending Homes LLC

We build, fix, transform

Text or call us at

+1 (405) 570-1300 

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